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Evidence-Based Models: NYC ACS and Provider Agencies

An eLearning Program

About Evidence-Based Models: NYC ACS and Provider Agencies

This learning program will provide child welfare and juvenile justice professionals with a broad overview of evidence-based and evidence-informed models. The eLearning will offer detailed information about the specific models’ use in Preventive Services, Juvenile Justice, Child Protection, and Foster Care. The course will explore the populations served by each model and provide details on each intervention. Learners will have the opportunity to practice matching models to the families served within their program areas using real family scenarios.

Who Should Enroll?

This course is designed for all staff working in child welfare and juvenile justice programs. In particular, this eLearning program is essential if your role includes making referrals to prevention programs.

Benefits of the Program

Participants will:

  • Have a better understanding of how evidence-based and evidence-informed models are used throughout the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.
  • Learn about which populations are best served by specific interventions.
  • Be better equipped to match a family with the evidence-based or evidence-informed model that best meets their needs.

Course Prerequisites

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Course Components

Once enrolled in the course, learners will be asked to complete:

  • An interactive, one hour eLearning program composed of three modules.

Completion of all components is necessary in order to receive a Certificate of Completion. Associated resources and documents to support learning will be available.