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Advanced Coaching Phase I: Skill Refreshers

A Learning Program for NYC Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Professionals.

About Advanced Coaching Phase I: Skill Refreshers

The Skill Refreshers are a series of specialized learning programs that highlight each of the coaching skills. There are a total of five Skill Refreshers: presence & listening, reflecting / clarifying, questioning, feedback, and accountability. Participants will practice each skill in order to gain proficiency and confidence in using the coach approach with their staff. The Skill Refreshers constitute Phase I of the Advanced Coaching program. Completion of all five Skill Refreshers qualifies participants to move on to Phase II of the Advanced Coaching program.

Who Should Attend?

Any child welfare and juvenile justice supervisors and managers who have attended the two-day Building Coaching Competency learning program and at least one Coaching Collaborative should attend this program.

Benefits of the Program

Participants will:
• Be able to continue practicing the coaching skills,
• Receive in-the-moment feedback and support from acilitators, and
• Increase their confidence and proficiency in using the coaching skills in their daily practice.

Course Prerequisites

The Skill Refreshers are only open to child welfare and juvenile justice supervisors and managers who have completed the Building Coaching Competency online module, attended the two-day instructor-led Building Coaching Competency learning program, and participated in at least one Coaching Collaborative.

Course Components

Each Skill Refresher is an interactive two-hour workshop. Learners will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of discussions, activities, and practice sessions that will promote and support mastery of the coaching skills.

“I really enjoyed being able to collaborate with peers and obtains on how, where and why to coach.”

—Advanced Coaching Phase I: Skill Refreshers Participant

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